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Quaderno #Africa&Italy

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Quaderno #Africa&Italy

Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal for Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, on his third trip to sub-Saharan Africa last February. Ethiopia and Cameroon for President Sergio Mattarella last March. And now, in Rome, a summit that aims to bring
together dozens of African foreign ministers, top Italian officials and also the private sector.
Italy is at last being unequivocal about its new attitude towards the great African continent: it is showing full institutional support for developing ever stronger relations with the southern shore of the Mediterranean, well beyond the now anachronistic limits imposed by the Sahara, because the Africa of the future will be more important
on the international stage and because its constantly evolving realities can also provide an answer, albeit partial, to the country’s own economic needs. Italy has a lot to give to Africa, also in support of development that is sustainable
and shared; but Africa can give an equal amount to Italy. Italian companies have understood this for a long time, despite moving in a disorganised fashion. Now it is also time for the so-called ‘country System’ to get moving.
This workbook sets out to provide easy support to the economic issues addressed during the summit. It has been divided into two parts offering a general overview respectively of the state of (and prospects for) economic ties between Italy and Africa and of the most important African economic sectors; each of these are addressed in a dedicated section, complete with the most up-to-date news.

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  • Italy and Africa: risks and opportunities
  • The wind is changing
  • Time for Italy to make up lost ground
  • Experience to share / Mario Pezzini
  • Need for a new narrative / Carlos Lopes
  • News / Economy and trade
  • Development cooperation remains strategic
  • Mattarella in Ethiopia and Cameroon
  • Security and business with Renzi in Africa
  • News / CooperationPART TWO – The new Africa
  • The future hangs on infrastructure
  • News / Infrastructure
  • Re-imagining African cities
  • News / Construction
  • Energy, a pillar of African growth
  • News / Energy
  • Agriculture returns to the fore
  • News / Agribusiness
  • Letter from AUC President Dlamini-Zuma