Quaderno 10/2016 #Renewable Energy


Quaderno #RenewableEnergy


Quaderno #Renewable Energy

The huge potential and growth opportunities offered by Africa in the renewable energy sector were behind the creation of RES4Africa, a spin-off project of RES4Med association providing a concrete platform for dialogue between international players (utilities, industries, agencies, technical service providers, consultants and academia) engaged in promoting the spread of clean energy solutions on the continent south of the Mediterranean. With its know-how and experience, Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa (RES4Africa) aims to create a point of contact between the current energy needs of many African countries and the vast renewable resources available to them.

Working together for sustainable development in Africa and Europe: this is the aim of the project RES4Africa, which relies heavily on new technologies, partnership programmes with the various local realities and, especially, human capital.

This workbook sets out to provide an agile but exhaustive description of the current energy situation in Africa and outline the likely future developments. It has been produced in support of the issues addressed at the launch of the RES4Africa programme ‘A step change in the deployment of renewable energy in Eastern Africa’, organised in Nairobi on 26 and 27 October and dedicated to the promotion of renewable energy in East Africa, the gateway to new dealings in sub-Saharan Africa following the solid relationships built by RES4Africa in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. [Roberto Vigotti – Res4Africa General Secretary]

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PART ONE – General overview

  • Economic growth is linked to renewable sources
  • Renewable energy can sustain population growth
  • Solar, wind and hydropower, geothermal power in the Rift Valley
  • RES4Africa: a new strategic project
  • Analysis / Sergio Mercuri (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Interview / Francesco Venturini (CEO of Enel Green Power)
  • The energy sector in Africa, two surveys
  • Interview / Giovanni Poggio (PwC)
  • Interview / Izael Pereira Da Silva, Strathmore Business School


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  • Convert Italia
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